During the development phase of your product we bring both the testers and developers together in order to optimize the quality. As we understand the hurdles in agile development and agile testing, we're able to offer the best solutions.

Quality Assurance in every phase

The rapid development of the internet and smart phone market comes along with buggy applications, mainly because the "first mover" advantage in the application market has gained extreme importance. The applications are not sufficiently tested during the development phase, therefore, errors have become more common. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately to the loss of customers.

It would be naive to assume that a final crowdtest can resolve all QA issues, hence our focus is on solving the issues during the early stages of development as well as to work towards the elimination of application errors through our QA processes. During the development of softwares (web applications and apps) tests are performed and the results of these tests are evaluated incrementally, continuously improved and implemented efficiently (Agile Testing Methodology).

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