What is TESTTailor?

TESTTailor is a dynamic, international company with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The company's strengths lie in creating 360-degree quality assurance solutions. TESTTailor not only provides affordable consultancy services but also appropriate platforms (Crowd Testing), the construction of agile processes and the infrastructure for distributed teams for all kinds of companies including start-ups and medium-sized businesses. Crowd Testing brings together testers from all over the world in order to perfect your product. We'll help you successfully place your product in the market and offer customized QA solutions which fit your company.

TESTTailor combines it’s strengths of internationality and the know-how of the requirements of small businesses and large corporations. We know the pressure a company faces to release a product and see ourselves as an interface (tailor) between companies and satisfied consumers.

Our crowd testers, who dedicate their heart and soul searching for bugs, are especially close to us, because only satisfied crowd testers can satisfy our customers.

The Team behind TESTTailor

Every team member(whether from the Development. Testing, or DevOps Department) contributes to our continuing sucess by his/her unique personality, skill, and passion.


Founder, MD

TESTTailor avator

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